Please contact Halton Libraries before sending material for Picture Halton.

We are always looking for illustrations and photographs of the Halton area to add to our collections.

Material can be donated, in which case the originals will be copied and then placed in protective storage. Material can also be lent for copying and the originals safely returned to you.

If you are considering donation or loan of material to Picture Halton then you need to think about the following points:

  • We ask that all images donated to us are either out of copyright or that we have your written permission to digitise and use them.
  • Possession of an image does not necessarily mean you own copyright to the image and copyright laws are strict. Therefore we only accept images where the owner can grant us the right to use copies of them.
  • We will publish the image on this website.
  • We will supply images to customers for their personal study and use.
  • We will use the image to promote the work and collections of Halton Archives and Local Studies Library.
  • We can manage any commercial re-use of the image or, if you prefer, we can pass such enquiries to you to deal with.
  • All images are subject to a quality check. We reserve the right to reject images that fail such a check. For instance we may already have similar pictures, or the image may be under or over exposed, be obscured by a passing vehicle or street furniture, or it may be otherwise considered inappropriate.

You can download a copy of our donation form (here)

If you wish to send electronic files - then these should be TIFF files at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and scanned at the same size as the original image. We would prefer these to be sent on CD/DVD-Rom.

We cannot accept other formats such as jpeg, bmp, gif, png, pdf etc.

We accept no liability for items sent in the post and strongly recommend that you arrange to bring material to Halton Local Studies Library by appointment.